Who We Are

Hands coming togetherThe Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) is a private, non-profit tax-exempt Massachusetts corporation based in Boston, MA and a leading voice for the creation of services for people with mental illnesses.

Since 1913, MAMH has been recognized as an independent information resource within the mental health community. The National Institute of Mental Health's Outreach Partnership Program has designated MAMH as its Massachusetts partner for the dissemination of science based information on mental illnesses. MAMH has worked with legislators, committees, and caucuses to develop legislative forums on mental illness, and with schools to help address the myriad of issues facing teachers and administrators.

MAMH works with individuals with mental illness and their family members or friends to help them access services, whether housing, treatment, education, employment, or health insurance. Our referrals come from the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, as well as from our network of supporters.

The membership of the MAMH board cuts across political parties, and includes representatives from the business, government, health, finance, legal and educational professions, including family members and consumers united in the desire to promote dignity, independence and community based services for people with mental illnesses and their families.

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