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Tutoring & MentoringKids On Campus/College Athletes Care Program

MAMH's Kids On Campus/College Athletes Care Program is a collaborative effort with Boston College and provides spring and summer academic assistance and mentoring services to inner city youngsters at the Clarence Edwards Middle School in the Charlestown Neighborhood of Boston. Plans are now underway to expand the program and its educatlional initiatives to other middle schools.

Although the Edwards School is located in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, its highly diverse student population cuts across all the neighborhoods of Boston, both during the summer and the academic year. Kids On Campus/Colletge Athletes Care Program promotes respect, appreciation and tolerance of ethnic and other diversity. Both the tutors as well as the participating youngsters represent a racially diverse mix of individuals and backgrounds.

Additionally, MAMH brings youngsters to the BC Campus for special events and to allow them to experience the atmosphere of a large university campus.

Because communication is the key to effective tutoring and mentoring, tutors maintained relationships with assigned youngsters, as well as the school teachers and, when necessary, the parent(s) in order to gain an understanding of the youngster's needs and to create opportunities for s/he to experience success. In addition to academic assistance, the Program provides assistance and advocacy to those youngsters and families identified with special needs.

MAMH staff schedule meetings with schoolteachers and principals for those youngsters requiring special academic assistance. We work collaboratively with the school and parents in implementing a realistic educational plan for these academically at-risk youngsters. These meetings and special outreach efforts are enormously helpful in addressing the needs of certain youngsters. Special tutoring sessions are arranged for youngsters identified at risk of academic failure.

E-PAL Program

MAMH created and oversees the E-Pal program through which Boston Inner city youngsters can communicate with volunteer college students by email to learn about study skills, organizing school work, and other topics designed to instill confidence in the youngster and to impress upon them the importance of education. Both the participating public school and MAMH staff carefully monitor email content.

Other MAMH initiatives or work in the area of helping youngsters include:

  • A collaboration with Charlestown Against Drugs (ChAD) a coalition of volunteer Charlestown residents and professionals, to develop and schedule forums/seminars designed for youngsters and their parents on drug and substance abuse avoidance, including the presentation of current data on early adoption of health risk behaviors in elementary and middle school children, the relationship between stress, violence and drug abuse.
  • Last year, MAMH's Executive Director, Bernard J. Carey, Jr., was named to a special panel of experts, which nominated an individual to take charge of the State Office of Child Advocate, an investigative agency with power to examine allegations of child abuse and neglect and to monitor state agencies that provide services to children.

MAMH provides ongoing case advocacy for individuals and families with disabled children, adolescents or adults.

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