While MAMH will assist individuals with mental illnesses with housing searches and applications for rental assistance, we are a small agency and there are other agencies sand programs (listed below), which focus entirely on housing and may be better equipped to assist you.

General Information About Subsidized Housing

Mass Access - Online Registry of Accessible Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Guidebook for Legislators PDF
Prepared by CHAPA

How to Obtain Housing Assistance in Massachusetts, 2004
Published by the MA Department of Housing and Community Development

Down and Out Manual, 2005-2006 edition
Published by the MA Coalition for the Homeless

Legal Tactics: Finding Public and Subsidized Housing, Second Edition 2006
Edited by MA Law Reform Institute, published by MA Continuing Legal Education

Housing Search Guide for People with Disabilities PDF
Prepared by CHAPA


Specific Information on Applying For Vouchers and Other Housing Programs

DHCD Program Information and Applications

Centralized Section 8 Waiting List Information

Mass Housing State Subsidized Programs

United Way